FoCal IQ Roadmap

What's coming next?

What's coming to FoCal IQ?

We've just launched the first version of FoCal IQ in November 2019, but there's lots more to do.

With this first release, we're concentrating on the processing, compilation of the metrics and presenting the information in a way that's useful.

Real Examples

We want to make the site and information as easy as possible to understand. We've added quite a bit of help information but it's fairly basic to begin with - we'll be extending that with clearer, more complete explanations as to how we generate the information and how it's useful.

We'll also guide you through understanding information for specific equipment (or sets of equipment, for example Nikon Z lenses or 24-70mm lenses).

Camera Information

We'll also be bringing camera-specific information related to autofocus performance and other metrics that we can establish from the data sets.

The lens information is grouped by camera brands (with some intelligent processing for full frame and APS-C cameras). While this does give a good overall view, it will be interesting to see how the data looks for specific camera bodies.

More Tests, More Data

We have more processing functionality to add to extract extra information from the data we have, and this will becoming soon.

We'll also be bringing further tests to Reikan FoCal which will allow us to present even more information about cameras and lenses.


We'd love to hear how you find FoCal IQ and if you have any comments/suggestions. It's a new project for us, so feel free to comment below or drop us a message through the contact page.