Introducing FoCal IQ

Introducing FoCal IQ!

We're really proud to be able to bring you FoCal IQ! From a concept in 2015, it's taken a while to get everything together but we're finally able to bring you the online resource built from Reikan FoCal results data.

FoCal IQ is the result of our processing of millions of data points captured by thousands of users of FoCal, bringing real world measurements from hundreds - sometimes even thousands - of copies of cameras and lenses.

Unlike other sites, our data isn't the result of testing a single lens - it's from hundreds or thousands of copies!

We group, filter and process the data to give a view of the real world performance and quality of equipment in use around the world.


Autofocus is our speciality, and a lot of the processing is to gain an insight into the autofocus performance of cameras and lenses.

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From our data you can see how likely a lens is to require calibration, how much variation there is across many copies of the lens and even what the typical difference in calibration requirements are between both ends of the zoom range.

We also use the autofocus information to determine the consistency and performance of camera and lens focusing.


Lens Aperture

Our Aperture Sharpness test data gives insights into how the lenses perform across the aperture range, what the vignetting is like and what sort of aberrations there are - horizontal/vertical astigmatism and colour focus shifts included!


From the Usage tab you can see how popular lenses are, and what cameras they're typically used on. This is all within the context of Reikan FoCal use, but we have a pretty big user base so it should give a reasonable view of usage.


We'd love to hear how you find FoCal IQ. It's a new project for us, so feel free to comment below or drop us a message through the contact page.