What's New in FoCal IQ

Introducing Lens Comparison

What's New

We released FoCal IQ at a point where we thought it would be useful and interesting to people, but we did have a big list of things to add. We're starting to work through that list and add some new features and general improvements to the site.

Lens Comparison

One feature requested by quite a few people was a way of comparing lenses, so we've added our Lens Comparison:

FoCal IQ Lens Comparison

The lens comparison feature gives you a side-by-side view of up to 3 lenses, showing the Summary Chart and the Scores for each lens.

Using the Lens Comparison

To start with, add a lens from the lens database to the comparison panel by clicking the "Add to Compare" button beside the lens name:

Add to Comparison

The lens will be added to the compare panel:

One lens in comparison panel

You need to add 2 or 3 lenses in order to enable the View Comparison button:

Two lenses in comparison panel

Once enabled, hit the View Comparison button to view the result:

Comparison view

From the comparison view, you can click on the chart to jump to the lens summary page, or any of the links in the table below to look at more details about that specific score for the lens.

Removing lenses

If you want to change the lenses to compare, you can remove them from the comparison panel using the "Remove" button.

Filter Improvements

The filter has been improved to look a bit clearer, add the addition of tele-converters to the list and also add a text-based filtering option.

Lens filter panel

You can enter search terms into the text box to filter the lens list - in the above example, entering "24-70 2.8" shows all 24-70mm lenses with an aperture of f/2.8.


We'd love to hear how you find FoCal IQ and if you have any comments/suggestions. It's a new project for us, so feel free to comment below or drop us a message through the contact page.