April Update

20th April 2020

Reikan and Coronavirus

What strange times we're all living in! Here at Reikan, we're 100% working from home, continuing to develop updates to FoCal and FoCal IQ as well as be there to support of our customers.

FoCal IQ Updates

The lens database is now updated with the latest information from FoCal users, and we've also expanded the help information a little. There's more work to do with great future enhancements on their way, so keep a look out!

Reikan FoCal 2.12 MR 1 Released

FoCal 2.12 MR 1 is now available to all users.

FoCal 2.12 MR 1

Reikan FoCal 2.12 MR1 fixes an issue with Nikon image data processing (introduced in FoCal 2.12). FoCal 2.12 brings official support for the new Nikon D780 – the first Nikon camera which supports AF Fine Tune at both ends of the zoom range.

FoCal Data Updates

The FoCal Comparison Data (fed back to FoCal to allow you to compare your camera/lens performance with other users) has been updated a bit sporadically in the past, but with the launch of FoCal IQ we have tied the processes together and will now updated much more regularly (we’ve just updated all the data now).

Reikan FoCal Comparison Data

The Lens and Camera definitions are also updated when we fix any issues in the databases and FoCal users will pick these up automatically when the software is started. Due to their nature of the updates they will usually only be applicable for the latest version of FoCal (i.e. lens name updates won’t propagate back to older versions), so make sure yuo keep up to date with FoCal!

What’s Coming Next in Reikan FoCal?

We're still working very hard on Reikan FoCal. At the moment a lot of work is underway to bring a brand new look and feel to FoCal and to expand the supported platforms. More to follow, hopefully very soon!


Stay safe, look after each other and we look forward to getting things back to normal before too long!

As ever, we'd love to hear how you find FoCal IQ and if you have any comments/suggestions. It's a new project for us, so feel free to comment below or drop us a message through the contact page.